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SO, you like start ups? You like business? You like entrepreneurship? How about stories of humans taking risks and pushing though epic uncertainty? How about a whole lot of failures and lessons but also so great success stories as well?

Over the past few years the podcast world as a whole has skyrocketed in popularity. Some of the more popular podcasts are generalist podcasts such as The Joe Rogan Experience, hosted by Joe Rogan. The JRE has millions and millions of podcast subscribers on YouTube and many more listeners spread across the other listening platforms. However, more recently niche podcasts have taken off in a spectacular way. Audiences are growing larger each day. In 2018, 26 percent of Americans were listening to 6.5 hours of podcasts per week and an even higher percentage were listening per month. Accordingly, millions of people are spending a whole lot of time listening to podcasts about specific interests and one of the big topics are podcasts about entrepreneurship, start-up companies and business in general.

In particular, business podcasts about start-ups and their founders have gained a massive following. We suspect that this is due to the fact that people love stories and there is no better story that one where a person risks everything they have for their vision or dream.

Entrepreneurship has also become a trendy topic lately probably owing to the gig economy and people attempting to feel good about the short term, non-salaried, no-benefits positions, which the giant corporate world has forced us into. Whether we are right or wrong about that, culturally entrepreneurship and the "wake up and grind" movement is HUGE.

Nevertheless, if you happen to be in business and would like to learn from the trials of others, or you're a struggling entrepreneur looking for some encouragement to keep grinding (or want to know how to identify when to stop or "pivot"), or you simply like good quality story telling about luck mixing with humans trying their best, then check out the following two podcast series which we highly recommend:

  1. Spectacular Failures hosted by Lauren Ober: Trumps Big Gamble on Atlantic City. This excellent business podcast has a focus on FAILURE, which is actually fantastic because in business (and life) failure is your best teacher. The focus is mainly on big business screwing up or missing the mark, but there are still lessons to be learned for anyone out there trying to make it.
  2. How I Built This with Guy Raz, by NPR: TOMS: Blake Mycoskie. This is a true podcast for entrepreneurs. In this podcast the host, Guy Raz chronicles the stories of entrepreneurs in their garages all the way to the top of the corporate world. Lots of false starts, lots of sad and funny moments. High quality startup and entrepreneurship podcast show.

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