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There have been many greats and many bombs in TV and Cinematic history. These podcasts recall some of the best and worst from the past and lay their opinions on thick. You're bound to find yourself entertained and laughing when you get into these podcasts, which all have great chemistry, intelligent discussion & quality banter.

#1 - "The Projection Booth"

This podcast is hosted by Mike White who has been doing this for a long time on a professional level. We really enjoy the level of intellectual high-brow nature of the discussions & reviews by this podcast, which is made for true cinema connoisseurs. The podcast reviews many older and more obscure movies and that is why you'll love this podcast. We loved the most recent Episode 457: The Big Dig (1969) where Mike, along with his guests, discusses the Big Dig from back in 1969, which is a film which highlights the absurdity of government bureaucracies when a mental patient begins to tear up the streets, literally and the vandalism is eventually framed as a publics works project! We have not seen this film, but we certainly will now! Do not miss this podcast. If you're into cinema, this may become one of your new favorite podcasts.

#3 - "Sweatpants the Podcast"

This podcasts is hosted by three guys from BC, Canada who you can tell are long time friends or at least really good at faking it. The pacing is good and the content is interesting. If you like podcasts about TV and film it is worth investing your time into this podcast. We especially enjoyed episode released 10 February 2020 which covers Aziz Ansari, John Wick 3, Book Smart, Mandalorian, Watchmen, Anderson Pak's album Ventura. They also get into some amusing Stars Wars chat where they note that Harrison Ford represents the attitude that even if you suck, enough confidence will get you there! lol. Make this podcast part of your next morning commute or listen to it while you pretend to be working. We don't care. Just listen!

#2 - "3 Hours Later"

The boys from 3 Hours Later broadcast their TV and Film discussions from sunny California and we really like how they mix it up with book reviews too. While being named 3 Hours Later these podcasts are only about an hour long, so they are perfect for your morning work out (thats what you do in California isn't it?)! In their episode called Video Night released 18 February 2020 they have a really interesting discussion about what devices actually make a horror movie scary...think bewildered pregnant girl standing at the top of the wooden creaky stairs...haunted houses, cat and mouse tropes, noises, etc...They go on to cover the effectiveness of audiobooks and several other interesting topics. Get this podcast is your ears.

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