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You landed here so that means you like business, you like getting better & you like podcasts. So check out these 4 high quality podcasts where influencers and entrepreneurs share their secrets:

  1. Influence Unlocked hosted by Samantha Dybac: This is a high quality podcast that interviews (mostly) female entrepreneurs and their stories, business tactics, learning from mistakes and resilience. In this particular podcast Samantha interviews Greta van Riel, 5 time founder who is currently building her current start-up, Hey Influencers. Greta talks about her early mistakes and successes with her fantastically successful tea company. She touches on important topics like failing fast...have a big cry, then move on, get over it. Learn and try something else. She gets into how she how to use social media and why she thinks she became an influencer in the business & entrepreneur spaces by just throwing tactics at the wall and seeing what sticks. High quality podcast, not to be missed! @theprhubglobal @grettavanriel @SamanthaDybac
  2. Influencer Podcast hosted by Julie Solomon: In this podcast Julie talks about the value of coaching for any stage of a business. She notes the fear many people have about approaching a coach and that her coaching company SHINE requires no “heavy lifting” from you in the first session. Julie takes the reigns! She uses her experience and self-development to get your mind in its optimum state! She highlights that you can change your thinking, which in turn changes your actions! You need a coach, we all have blind spots and talking out loud is the only solution! Make life easier for yourself...check out this episode and many of her other great episodes today! @JulsSolomon
  3. Growth Everywhere Podcast hosted by Eric Siu: This marketing and business based podcast spans many topics from Fresh SEO hacks and how to grow a million users to more general life strategies such as mixing creativity and business or how to live a long and optimized life. Specifically, we, of course, really liked this podcast "How to Get Started in Podcasting in 2020 (The Right Way!)” In this how to start a podcast podcast Eric Siu gets highly detailed and talks about the software he uses to connect with interview guests, the need to go omni-channel, how to get a big bump in downloads by getting in the “New and Noteworthy” section of Apple’s podcast lists. Most importantly he reminds you to NOT give in in the first 6 months. You must publish consistently. Eric himself used to only get 9 to 30 downloads per day (now he’s at 80,000 per month!) Podcasting is a long game. Eric provides lots of other important information for podcasting; if you're starting a new podcast do not miss this! @ericosiu
  4. Masters of Scale is an podcast hosted by Reid Hoffman: Invaluable information on this podcast from the from the founder of linkedin. This is less of an influencer podcast, but being an influencer means running your personal brand, which is business at its purest so we have included it here anyway! Reid Hoffman's podcast illuminates start-up stories and their strategies. On this episode Reid Hoffman interviews Josh Silverman, CEO of Etsy. They discuss Silverman’s view that the responsibility of a leader is to define success and constraints and then step back to allow their team to find the solutions. Hoffman echoes Silverman's approach saying good leaders “zoom out” (define success) and “zoom in” (define constraints). Silverman gets into the gritty details of the classifieds market landscape and the experiments he ran with Ebay on his journey to developing his own, incredibly successful, company, Etsy. Make sure to listen to the gems of information from these two leaders who know a little bit about growing successful organizations. @mastersofscale @jgsilverman @reidhoffman

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