(Photo: Fallofcivilizationspodcast.com)

When it comes to podcasts about history, we have always though that that Dan Carlin's Hardcore History would be tough to beat -- well, we just came across this beauty podcast yesterday: Fall of Civilizations Podcast presented by Paul M. Cooper and we have found a contender!

Dynasties, battles, rebellions, kings, bravery, cowardice, advanced knowledge and tasty cooking. This podcast has a nice mix of historical facts as well as compelling stories! Who knew this was all going on back then...

Travel back 5,000 years ago, before the Pyramids were built!

Last night we listened to the The Sumerians - Fall of the First Cities and got to learn about this ancient group in Mesopotamia (think Iraq) who had actually created some form written of law LONG before the well known code of Code of Hammurabi dated as 1754 BC. While they were advanced in this respect, the Sumerians sound like a bit of a brutish culture and the stories about it are fascinating (but I wouldn't blame them, this was 5,000 years ago!)

The podcast reveals some interesting points of note about the Sumerian's relatively advanced knowledge in mathematics, geometry, writing and agriculture. For example, they understood that cultivated land rest in order for it to be plentiful in subsequent years. However, we also learn about their rather destructive treatment of their land and brutal conflicts.

We even learn that these ancients had a form of mass production (the fast wheel, sorry Henry Ford) for creating their many clay pots. We learn that they had rich and varied diets.

We hear about the Kings with their ambitions & shortcomings. Soil depletion, food scarcity and war. Its a wild story and it is unbelievable that it all happened 5,000 years ago!

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