(Photo: Tales by Cole Podcast Twitter: @talesbycole)

How annoying is it when you run out of true crime podcast episodes to listen to?

When you're true crime addicts like us, its annoying to the MAX. How else are you going to freak yourself out before bed every night! What else will motivate you to get out from under the covers and double-check that you locked the doors?

Well, not to worry! We have the solution. Below, we provide two fantastic scripted true crime podcasts. For us the a true crime podcast MUST be scripted to have powerful effect because it is the story telling that gives you the "full, body, chills, not just the facts. If we true crime addicts didn't have the stories to tell the facts it would be rather creepy. Imagine if you just had a bunch of crime scene photos and newspaper clippings laying around your house...some of your guests might be a little uncomfortable staying the night...

  1. Tales by Cole Podcast: The Cleveland Torso Murders: Impressive quality podcast production especially for a BRAND NEW podcast, first launched on 24 January 2020. True podcast fans will have heard about the massively popular Crime Junkie podcast and in our opinion the Tales by Cole Podcast is giving them a run for their money! The storytelling starts by talking to you in the first person and it has meaningful impact on the story. The podcast invites you to really start imagining the story being told, which is helped by highly descriptive and clear storytelling. This podcast is going to be big. While "Tales by Cole" doesn't appear to have a website you can find them on twitter at @talesbycole. Check it out now!
  2. Crime Junkie: SERIAL KILLER: Charlie Brandt: This is another episode from the true crime podcast that we all know and love. I'm sure you've hear it before, but this is one of our favorite Crime Junkie podcasts that is worth another listen. Its one of our favorites because of the absolutely freaky things Charlie Brandt did and how he flew under the radar for so many years without anyone knowing who he ACTUALLY was, except...his sister. This is one of those true crime podcasts that will make you do more that just check the locks on the doors. It will make you quietly size up the people who are closest to you and make you wonder "could the be....WAIT, no they couldn't, but..." If you haven't heard this one strap in for a one heck of a story as told by the the one-and-only Ashley Flowers. This true crime podcast is not to be missed.

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