(Photo: Jamesaltucher.com)

"Just follow your passion." "Just do what you love." "Just be yourself."

These sayings do not work. We are not all some sort of highly passionate and devoted music lovers, puzzle solvers, artists, wood workers working late into the night on our so called "passions". Many of us humans are just normal and as some might say "boring" and a bit lost. However, there are things that most of us would rather spend our time on.

Luckily, there is a podcast that provides some wise guidance on finding your "passion", no matter your age. The main takeaway of this fantastic podcast by James and Robyn Altucher is that your passion is ever growing, even for old farts like them in their 50's ;) and is likely to change. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, passion can only be uncovered by doing. By getting out into the world and experiment. Check it out in episode 550: How to Find Your Passion: My Wife, Robyn Altucher, and I on How to Find Your Passion at Any Age and Stage of Your Life

I will give a small shout out to my own podcast on this topic where I talk about finding my inner nature and leaving law to start a gold mine. Check it out: From lawyer to start-up gold miner: a different kind of success.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy! If you still can't find your passion after the above, then just default to listening to podcasts. It will only make you better :)

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