I wish I found this podcast a long time ago. Hosted by James Altucher, this podcast talks about life, business & personal development from a fresh perspective. James has a good rapport with his guests and the discussions are usually full of substance and insights based on experience!

In episode 574 entitled Predictions For a Post COVID-19 World with Global A.I. Expert, Kevin Surace James chats about a wide range of topics that will be altered in the wake of COVID-19: the surprising downturn of Netflix during the isolation times; the insanity of the WeWork business model and why it was bound to fail (as famously foreseen by the owner of the Empire State Building); the stock market and why airlines will never be the same in light of a fundamental shift in the way business will be carried out in the future--that and many other post corona humorings & anticipations plus a bit of fun debate at the end.

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