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So, I was listening to episode 9 of the KB Experiment Podcast and, well, let me tell you a story...you won't believe this is real. Take this in...

Let's say you're feeling a bit bored in life, looking for a new experience. Lately, you've been hearing Jocko Willink from the Jocko Podcast, Joe Rogan talk about Jiu-Jitsu. So, you think to yourself: "hey, I know! I'll try take a martial arts class!". You do a quick google search. The next night you rock up at a local "martial arts" dojo. You're a bit nervous, but ready to put yourself out there and learn some sweet moves!!

The sensei walks to the front of the room and tells the class to stand and prepare to learn pain management. He casually walks by each row of students and slaps them in the face one by one, hard. The students accept the slap humbly and do nothing. Meanwhile, you're in shock thinking "WTF?"

After the slapping is finished the sensei tells his overweight favorite beer-belly assistant to hold still for the nightly demonstration. After a few quick breathing exercises, a smug look on his face and a fluster of hand movements the sensei flashes his hands in the direction of his assistants head, but doesn't actually hit him. Instantly the assistants eyes roll into the back of his head, he thrusts himself backwards and down to the floor, but two smaller assistants are waiting behind him and catch his fall. The assistant appears to be unconscious for a good 8-10 seconds. As a reasonable & logical intelligent human you think to yourself again, "WTF?"

You just experienced McDojo life; the world strange ego, suspension of reality & fake martial arts. It definitely wasn't Jiu-Jitsu.

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This is the the strange, power tripping twisted fantasy world of the fake martial arts is being exposed by Rob from McDojo Life on instagram. He was recently interviewed by King Borris on episode 9 of his podcast the KB Experiment. This podcast is genuinely interesting enough to make me spend the time writing the little story above in my poor attempt to help you, the reader, to really understand the ludicrous nature of what is happening--right here in real life--in McDojo life classes around the world. But words cannot describe the madness. Make sure you head to the McDojo Life website or instagram account to see the hilarity for yourself!

In the podcast Rob mentions that he is doing a community service and we could not agree more! Often, the students in these classes are at a weak moment in life (what else explains it!?) and are being taken advantage of by a charlatan "master' or "sensei". The gullible students are charged money in an atmosphere of blatant misrepresentation. But what's worse, is the students are given a false sense of security from these fake martial arts and end up entering fights with real martial artists (Jiu-Jitsu, Kick Boxing etc.) where they are almost certain to get injured.

HOWEVER, Rob from McDojo life is trying to put an end to this madness! They are creating a documentary to expose this hilarious (please watch the videos for yourself!) scam and they are looking for donations to fund it. As Rob states in the KB Experiment Podcast, some levels of donations can even give you a role in the documentary if you are up for it. Donate at the McDojo Life website.

This whole McDojo life movement needs to be studied by psychologists; it the seems the human brain is not coping with modern life and these fake martial arts this have become one of the outcomes of a short circuit.

Do yourself a favor and sign up to www.PodUnion.co to check out episode 9 of the KB Experiment Podcast by King Boris where you can hear first hand from Rob about the insanity taking place in McDojos everywhere. One could even be lurking near you.