(Photo: Wondery.com)

Do you like business and start-ups? Are you a sucker for a good story? Is coffee central to your life? If any of those are true, you'll probably love the following podcast, which brings longstanding rivalry between Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks to life.

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In the podcast Business Wars: Starbucks vs Dunkin host David Brown tells the stories of both companies founders and how they kind of meandered into the coffee business. We love this podcast because we learn the entire story arch of the two companies from the inside out. We hear about the very early days, the their internal struggles and then the tactics that Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts (later called just "Dunkin" for societal change reasons) use against each other. At one point the corporate fight even gets a bit dirty as the two coffee giants fight for market share.

The podcast style is scripted has good pacing and has some dialogue between characters, which brings the story to life. While the dialogue in not a true account of what was actually said, it is based on the best research and information that Wondery could get their hands on.

Fantastic podcast. I finished the series in two days.

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