(Photo: Do Explain with Christpher Lövgren Podcast)

The internet is full of people talking about "artificial intelligence" and how it is either going to make humans slaves or make our world better.

BUT WAIT, nobody ever actually dives into what do we mean when we say "artificial intelligence" or AI for short. There is actually a big distinction between two main types of AI and the outcome of each is MONUMENTAL. You need to listen to this enlightening podcast so you understand why!

Christofer Lövgren hosts a podcast called Do Explain and in episode #11 - A Window on Intelligence, with Dennis Hackethal they get into the important differences between "narrow AI" and "Artificial General Intelligence", with the former being things like smart algorithms that follow particular rules and the latter being able to actually create knowledge beyond what the programmers told it. Hackenthal insightfully describes the difference between these two types of intelligences as perspiration vs inspirational.

The conversation travels down a very interesting path about the development of knowledge via evolution. The worlds of philosophy and Artificial General Intelligence are colliding in a strong way and Hackenthal argues we need to unify the two in order to progress. He highlights the way in which biological evolution creates knowledge and that he expects Artificial General Intelligence will use the same process to grow and create knowledge in the same way. He explains that it is the process of evolution alone, which allows for the creation of new knowledge both in biological form and human knowledge. "Humans solve problems by making guesses and then criticizing those guesses".

The conversation touches on creativity and the inability to be conscious or suffer without it!

As you can see this is a deep podcast that will get your brain moving. Its just what you need when you've hit the reality TV limit, which should be zero (unless we are talking Tiger King)!

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