I listen to all types of true crime. This episode: the MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF: Rey Rivera takes the win for best true crime story in the last few months. It actually made me get up to check if my doors were locked.

In this podcast episode you've got a man who went missing. Ok, no big deal. Thats true crime. But then you find out that he had many plans for the future with his family and career. He had things he was interested in. He was living life happily.

Then one day his phone rings and he says "oh, shoot" and rushes out of the house. You'll have to listen to the podcast to find out where the police find him!!! Insane.

This true crime podcast has got it all. Secretive corporations financial corporations, dubious night clubs, free masons, strange hand written notes, attempted break-ins in the middle of the night. All in an atmosphere of your regular joe dude living his nice normal family life. And of course, there is the classic security camera that was "not working" that day.

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