Stop what you're doing! Unless you're tracking a killer--in that case, keep going and then podcast about it. In all other circumstances STOP and listen to the following 4 up-and-coming high production value podcasts that are taking true crime story-telling to the next level!

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Leave The Lights On hosted by Eliza Jennings (Twitter: @lightsonpod). You will be thoroughly impressed by the quality of this podcast's delivery. Eliza has great tempo and provides a scripted true crime podcast, which never sounds scripted. YES! Eliza structures her storytelling in a way that captures your thought process and leaves you zoned-in, eager for more of her story to unfold. Also, this podcast gets into some of the supernatural territory so it not only makes you want to lock your doors, but in line with its title, leave the lights on too! Check out this episode about Doris Bither.


Tales by Cole hosted by Cole (Twitter: @talesbycole). This is our second review of this podcast (first review here). Cole! Whoever you are, you're a bloody legend! Even though this podcast is brand spanking new, this podcast continues to impress us with audio-quality and Cole's delivery. Cole narrates his true crime stories with the perfect true crime voice and tone, which adds to the freaky stories he is telling. Last night we took in the episode titled SATANIC CULT - The Chicago Rippers and well, in summary: this is one those truly gritty true crime podcast episodes that we can confidently recommend to seasoned true-crimers in order to impress them! Keep it up Cole.


True Crime Lab hosted by Jay and Rudeboy (Twitter: @thetclpodcast). We like the cut of these guys' jib. They are a little more loose and casual than the above two podcast, but that's what makes this podcast special. Jay and Rudeboy add a dash of comedic flair to true crime storytelling so that half the time you're freaked out and the other half you're laughing at criminal stupidity! It's fun. We like how they are have a good time and are trying out some new things such as their recent criminal parody in Episode 6 - Marlen Ochoa-Lopez. Love your work gents!