Not since Christopher Hitchens' books and YouTube debates have I felt so refreshed as comes with the thinking in this podcast.

The podcast world has been offering amazing gems of knowledge and wisdom for a while now and this podcast might be the best gem yet (in the realm of society, politics and life). For most, you wont immediately love this podcast. However, this podcast will keep you listening, make you want to put on your thinking cap and turn on your brain. Even if you don't agree with its positions, it provides clear and original ground to mount your counter arguments.

Like how fish probably know that they are in water, humans aren't usually conscious of the realities of the worlds they are living in because we are complacent and preoccupied.And fair enough, when you live in a society where two parents busy at work raking in as much dough as they can or trying to survive is the norm.

Since the 70's and especially the 90's with the Clinton's in US office American style liberal politics &values that call for, inter alia, globalization, supremacy of the individual over the community, international trade & expensive higher education has led to growing governments, massive wealth transfers to the top, growing class divides, breakdown and commoditization of the nuclear family & community, and student debts (indentured servants) that burden an entire generation. Importantly, the student debt and related delayed adulthood has turned into a population problem whereby Millennials are not having kids and their parents are not having grandchildren because the Millennials are smart and broke. It's a cold world we have shifted into. How did we get here?

That question is humored and partly answered in this podcast. Check it out Episode 30 - Ross Douthat: The Rave Before the Fall