Terms and Conditions

BETA: the PodUnion platform is in a development and beta testing phase and is subject to change and possibly intermittent disruptions. We will use of best efforts to keep things running as smoothly as possible, but if you cannot accept this state of things then you should not use PodUnion.

PERSONAL INFORMATION: we do not use your data for anything outside of PodUnion. Your data is stored securely on AWS servers. If we want to use your data we will ask for your consent first.

NOT A FINANCIAL PRODUCT: subscribers pay for a subscription in advance. The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) portion of PodUnion is not a financial product offered to PodUnion's customers; PodUnion engages with DeFi partners on its own behalf using its proceeds from purchases--not on the behalf of its customers. Full disclosure: at present, for legal reasons the there is no contractual entitlement to receive any funds from PodUnion. Of course it is in PodUnion's interest to keep its reputation strong and clients happy, but the receipt of payments from PodUnion is in good faith and not presently a contractual entitlement.

PODCAST HOSTS: you may consider the PodUnion experience a virtual simulation in which you provide content (over which you retain full ownership and copyright) and PodUnion may issue "rewards" for users engaging with the PodUnion simulation and its subscription features. You may not
consider any financial transactions to or from PodUnion as an investment, purchase of securities, shares, any type of financial product or as creating rights or obligations for either you or PodUnion.

SUBSCRIBERS: when customers make lump sum advance payments to enjoy a subscription service these lump sum payments are "purchases" and create a contractual entitlement with PodUnion insofar as PodUnion hereby warrants and guarantee's that if for any reason the subscriber is not satisfied with the subscription service purchased, then the subscriber is entitled to a full refund of its lump sum payment from PodUnion less a 4% fee which PodUnion incurs when performing the refund transaction. PodUnion will endeavor to provide any requested refunds as soon as we receive our funds from our DeFi partners--this can average 1 to 3 days to return and then process on our end.

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